Monday, September 13, 2010

Double B-Day Celeb Part 2 - Bistro Ravioli

Monday, September 13, 2010
After our Fish Spa adventure in Manila Ocean Park, we went to the nearest mall, SM Mall of Asia to buy gifts for each other (Mich got me a pair of shoes from Aldo and the Saturday after that, I got her a blouse from Zara in Trinoma, we weren't able to find a gift for her in MoA). After the gift hunting, off we went to have Dinner! :D

Since MoA's too far from our place (QC) we seldom get the chance to try the restaurants here, so we had to go to a resto that can only be found in Mall of Asia.

And so we ended up in Bistro Ravioli! Mich and her college friends had dinner here once so she already knows the place. The waiter told us they have another branch but it doesn't serve pasta and their new dishes.

Bistro Ravioli's Menu (click image to view in full size)

and their 4 new dishes! (I'm guessing your eyes are locked on to Diablo Wings)

So here's what we ordered...

Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco (who the hell is Romesco?) Sauce (Price: 190 pesos)

What's the use of going to Bistro Ravioli if you wont try their specialty (Ravioli duh) right? Cream Cheese topping, yummy Italian sausage filling! Wasn't able to concentrate on the Romesco Sauce but I think it tasted similar to Spaghetti... sorry I was too excited to try the Diablo Chicken Wings :D hot hot hot! Oh by the way, there were around 6-7 pieces of Ravioli in this dish.

Next stop.. Diablo Wings! (Price: 200+ pesos) estimated price, it wasn't on the main Menu since it was still new, so we had to ask the waiter about it and 'luckily' for you guys, I forgot it's exact price... yes I should change my URL to ""

5 to 6 pieces of yummy, hot and spicy Chicken Wings! They're Big! so it's really worth the price, most of all if you're in to spicy food!

See how big that is!? (syempre kasi naka zoom-in) Mouth watering :D~ there was also this strong taste of Barbeque aside from the spicy flavor. It comes with an Onion/Mayo dip, similar to the onion sauce used for shawarma, only thicker and with onion bits.

3rd dish, Shrimp & Basil Pesto Pizza! (Price: 300 pesos) around 8 slices.

I wanted something filling, just in case the Wings and Ravioli wont be enough (I woke up late and skipped Brunch so I was really hungry =( and we weren't also sure with their serving size).

as seen in the picture, there's a generous amount of toppings, especially the shrimp! In your face you cheap fast food pizza chains! Promising huge amount of toppings which are only true in Pictures! lol (okay, glad I finally got that out).

And yes! They use a brick oven! Brick-Oven Baked Pizza! Yummy! Tastes just like Bricks! no of course I'm only kidding... I don't really know how a brick-oven baked pizza differs from those cooked in conventional baking ovens, for me it depends more on the ingredients they use and I have no complaints with Bistro Ravioli's Pizza.

thin crust! Just the way most of us likes it! More on the flavor and toppings, and less on the useless calories from thick & oily crust pizzas.

We were already full and there were still 4 slices of pizza and 2 chicken wings left so I'm estimating that our meal is good for 3 pesons.

Total Budget: PhP 750-800 (Good for 3 persons)
Price per Head: PhP 250-300

Fruit shake costs PhP80/glass so we don't recommend it, we usually just ask for water unless there's a special drink that only that resto has to offer.

Italian = Love!

Thanks for munching by foodies!

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