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What is your profession? Ga'hoole! Ga'hoole! Ga'hoole!

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okay, you need to watch this movie in 3D! why? because I said so, ok that's me being arrogant.. or maybe I'm just too lazy to explain.. ok you win. Well... you do the math..

#1 its a 3D film, everything is CGI (computer generated)

#2 tons of Flight Scenes (don't tell me you expect the owls to swim or walk all throughout the movie) aerial scenes are where the effects of the 3D glasses usually excels.

#3 the movie was written and shot with 3D in mind (for this one you'd have to google around if the producers had 3D in mind when creating the film and really did use 3D technology in making it.) It's not really hard to search about this one.

in short, the "Effort" was given in order to make this movie worth watching in "3D".

Next question: WHERE TO WATCH THE MOVIE in 3D?

> Greenhills Promenade (in San Juan) = P320 (with cheese popcorn + iced tea)
> Gateway (next to Araneta Coliseum) = P270 (with popcorn and drinks)
> Ayala Malls (Trinoma, Greenbelt, Glorietta etc.) = P300
> SM Malls (SM North, South, East, West, yeah they're everywhere) = P200
> IMAX (SM Mall of Asia / SM North Edsa) = P400-500
> Eastwood Mall (Eastwood Libis) = P300-400 (with unlimited pop-corn I think)

For the Quality...

> Dolby Digital 3D = Ayala Malls/Greenhills/Eastwood (better 3D quality compared to SM)
> Gateway = haven't tried yet, sorry not sure if they're also using Dolby Digital 3D
> SM Malls = there's a reason why its only P200. That should be enough explanation.
> SM IMAX = again there's a reason why it costs P400-500. (IMAX - best 3D quality to date)

okay after all the stuff above, is the movie good? Of course! When did I watch something that's considered not good?! I paid for the movie so no matter how horrible it was, I should convince myself that IT is GOOD! but thank God there's no need to do that. I enjoyed the film!

Story wise, it's your usual kiddie story where this dreamer dude becomes a hero in the end, but what you're after here are the great visual effects. The environment of Lord of the Rings, the Spartan-Like Soldier Owls,
it's like Watching Lord of the Rings and 300 but with Owls instead of real people! ;) now if you dig that kind of idea, then this movie is for you!

art by Alodia Gosiengfiao

and to wrap up everything, here's a Video of Cookie monster being interviewed at a New York radio station...

Thanks for viewing cinephiles!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife (Bio Hazard 4)

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Since we've already watched DESPICABLE ME (A MUST WATCH movie for Comedy Fans, this one makes it to my top movies for 2010) last week, there was nothing else worth watching I guess than my old time favorite Zombie Fest movie Resident Evil.. (glad Mich was game to watch it with me :D)

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife (2010) - It pays to listen to the fans and probably bringing back the original director.

Resident Evil 4 lands on the Top 1 spot in US Box Office Charts this week at $27.7 million, a great move since no other movie was opening last week.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson returns in directing the Resident Evil franchise after leaving it for a few years and letting Resident Evil 2 and 3 go down the drain with some other director who'm I wont be wasting time anymore to search up.

The Good: It was a big mistake in the part 3 to give Alice (Milla Jovovich) some kind of super natural powers that the Protagonists in the games didn't have. And it's a big relief that they made a move to correct this. Probably among all 4 movies, this and the first one are my favorite, and I'm guessing Paul Anderson is one of the reasons.

You get the usual zombies, the regular ones running slow, easy to kill, with new batches of underground diggers which could run and a new boss-like zombie which you can relate to those found in the game.

There's also an additional Protagonist which most game fans would recognize and would enjoy seeing.

Cool effects, plenty of slow motion scenes, who am I kidding, I think 1/4 of the movie was in Slow-mo! lol..

The Bad: If you're not a fan of the previous movies and most of all The Game, then don't you dare watch this movie and say bad things about it because I'm already warning you now that you'll still be disappointed just like how you felt in the previous films.

For some reason, Milla Jovovich gets to maintain her make up and lipstick from the beginning up to the end of the movie. I guess it's a must or probably something she needs to distract zombies and enable her to kill them easier.

Overall: So far the highest rating Resident Evil movie, scoring 7/10 in, I enjoyed this Movie, but dont expect anything new, this one's just enough to give you your zombie killing spree fix (with a ton of Slow Motion scenes). Hopefully the 5th movie will still be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. I can say the only movie that I really hated was the 4th Movie (Extinction), hated how Alice was given these super natural powers. Bah~


Milla Jovovich ... Alice

Ali Larter ... Claire Redfield

Kim Coates ... Bennett

Shawn Roberts ... Albert Wesker

Sergio Peris-Mencheta ... Angel Ortiz

Spencer Locke ... K-Mart

Boris Kodjoe ... Luther West

Wentworth Miller ... Chris Redfield

Paul Anderson is also producing Castlevania movie based from the Game Castlevania and is scheduled for release in 2011. Seems he likes to make movies based from well known video games. He's also directing The Three Musketeers also for release in 2011 and will star Milla Jovovich. Seems he's also attached to Milla Jovovich. lol

Resident Evil 4 movie, comes out in Japan as Bio Hazard 4, just like how the games are titled. And a Resident Evil game will be released by Capcom for the PSP this year! And no it wont be based on the movie, so that's something to be thankful for.

Thanks for viewing cinephiles!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Double B-Day Celeb Part 2 - Bistro Ravioli

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After our Fish Spa adventure in Manila Ocean Park, we went to the nearest mall, SM Mall of Asia to buy gifts for each other (Mich got me a pair of shoes from Aldo and the Saturday after that, I got her a blouse from Zara in Trinoma, we weren't able to find a gift for her in MoA). After the gift hunting, off we went to have Dinner! :D

Since MoA's too far from our place (QC) we seldom get the chance to try the restaurants here, so we had to go to a resto that can only be found in Mall of Asia.

And so we ended up in Bistro Ravioli! Mich and her college friends had dinner here once so she already knows the place. The waiter told us they have another branch but it doesn't serve pasta and their new dishes.

Bistro Ravioli's Menu (click image to view in full size)

and their 4 new dishes! (I'm guessing your eyes are locked on to Diablo Wings)

So here's what we ordered...

Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco (who the hell is Romesco?) Sauce (Price: 190 pesos)

What's the use of going to Bistro Ravioli if you wont try their specialty (Ravioli duh) right? Cream Cheese topping, yummy Italian sausage filling! Wasn't able to concentrate on the Romesco Sauce but I think it tasted similar to Spaghetti... sorry I was too excited to try the Diablo Chicken Wings :D hot hot hot! Oh by the way, there were around 6-7 pieces of Ravioli in this dish.

Next stop.. Diablo Wings! (Price: 200+ pesos) estimated price, it wasn't on the main Menu since it was still new, so we had to ask the waiter about it and 'luckily' for you guys, I forgot it's exact price... yes I should change my URL to ""

5 to 6 pieces of yummy, hot and spicy Chicken Wings! They're Big! so it's really worth the price, most of all if you're in to spicy food!

See how big that is!? (syempre kasi naka zoom-in) Mouth watering :D~ there was also this strong taste of Barbeque aside from the spicy flavor. It comes with an Onion/Mayo dip, similar to the onion sauce used for shawarma, only thicker and with onion bits.

3rd dish, Shrimp & Basil Pesto Pizza! (Price: 300 pesos) around 8 slices.

I wanted something filling, just in case the Wings and Ravioli wont be enough (I woke up late and skipped Brunch so I was really hungry =( and we weren't also sure with their serving size).

as seen in the picture, there's a generous amount of toppings, especially the shrimp! In your face you cheap fast food pizza chains! Promising huge amount of toppings which are only true in Pictures! lol (okay, glad I finally got that out).

And yes! They use a brick oven! Brick-Oven Baked Pizza! Yummy! Tastes just like Bricks! no of course I'm only kidding... I don't really know how a brick-oven baked pizza differs from those cooked in conventional baking ovens, for me it depends more on the ingredients they use and I have no complaints with Bistro Ravioli's Pizza.

thin crust! Just the way most of us likes it! More on the flavor and toppings, and less on the useless calories from thick & oily crust pizzas.

We were already full and there were still 4 slices of pizza and 2 chicken wings left so I'm estimating that our meal is good for 3 pesons.

Total Budget: PhP 750-800 (Good for 3 persons)
Price per Head: PhP 250-300

Fruit shake costs PhP80/glass so we don't recommend it, we usually just ask for water unless there's a special drink that only that resto has to offer.

Italian = Love!

Thanks for munching by foodies!

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