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The XBOX 360 Slim JTAG aka RGH

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Hi Everyone,

I've recently found out that a JTAG for the XBOX Slim is now possible.

What is JTAG? it's a form of Modification done with your XBOX that enables you to write 'un-official' / non-microsoft programs in your XBOX. Such as LINUX OS, etc. Since you own the XBOX you have the right to do whatever you want with it to maximize its potential. (do more things other than playing XBOX Games).

But first of all, to avoid the confusion, the term "JTAG" is not applicable to the XBOX 360 SLIM. Which is why in most forums/websites, they will tell you, "NO you CANNOT JTAG the SLIM", that is because the procedure in JTAGging the XBOX Slim is different from the original JTAG procedure.

The correct term for the XBOX SLIM is RGH (RESET GLITCH HACK) this is the new procedure in letting un-official programs to run in your XBOX Slim. So from here onwards I will be using the term RGH and not JTAG.

Now what do you need in order to RGH your XBOX 360 Slim?

First and most important is the CoolRunner Circuit Board... (cost P1,000-P1,500 online)
available here:

Para saan ito?
This is the Board that will make the RGH work. Google about the details how it works, I wont explain it here to shorten the blog post. Basically this card simulates the "booting" of your XBOX, but does slight modifications to let non-microsoft programs to run during initialization.

Second is an optional component but highly recommended Quick Solder Board.. (cost P250-500)
available here:

Para saan naman ito?
This board makes it easier for the technician to "SOLDER" in tagalog, pag "hinang" ng wires to your XBOX's motherboard. Hence its name QSB(Quick 'Solder' Board) It also makes the board less cluttered and ensures the wires are precisely connected to the required nodes.

When both components are installed they will look like this on your board..

Now that you know how much the "COMPONENTS" cost, wag kayo mag reklamo na MAHAL! I have asked some shops in Greenhills, they are offering RGH service from P2,500 (BestBuy) to P6,000 (EYO). Obviously the shop offering the 6,000 price sounds outrageous. Both shops are in VirraMall.

It's not a simple task to install these boards, but the 4,000 installation fee is too much. The 2,500 price in BESTBUY sounds reasonable. But I am still to confirm with them what components are they using, (if they're using COOLRUNNER revB).

Moving on to the "FUN" part, ano ba benefits ng RGH'd na XBOX SLIM?

  • You can now BACK-UP your games and install them to your 'external' hardisk (note: external, meaning you're not required to use an XBOX Hardisk Drive)

  • EMULATORS: You can also play back ups of your SNES, GBA, and PlayStation 1 games on your XBOX! miss mo na ba Super Mario World or Final Fantasy 7? :)

  • On-Line gaming, via XLINK-Kai. (updated Jan 14 2013)

  • and Many More! Just google for "Benefits of JTAG" ;)

For more sample videos you can go to youtube and search for FreeStyle Dash, XEXmenu, Freestyle Dash Emulator, JTAG GameOnDemand.

You may also visit XBOX Iso forum for more information!

Thanks for munching by!

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