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RPG (Metanoia) - First Pinoy 3D Animated Movie!

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After 10 years of ditching MMFF (metro manila film fest) movies, I finally gave the pinoy movie industry a chance.

Don't get me wrong, okay naman ang pinoy films, most feedbacks that i get are "uy napanood mo na yung ***, nakakatawa!", "nakakatawa sila ganito at ganun!" and "haha tuwang tuwa ako", yes The Usual Enteng Kabisote and Tanging Ina movies, COMEDY! and worst, may DRAMA pa minsan! christ! Yan ang palabas sa LOCAL TV araw araw!

I don't have any problem with supporting our own, ika nga "Pinoy Made" but compare the production of our movies to other countries, they spend YEARS in producing a movie, from making a script, storyboard, actual shooting and editing!

But here in the Philippines? uy Film Fest na sa December, may movie entry kayo? Yes meron, actually nag start na kami mag shoot last September! haha tatlong buwan.. diyos ko pong mahabagin... parang gumagawa lang ng teleserye!

The movie RPG Metanoia is action packed, from START to FINISH. It opens up with the story's main protagonist "Nico" who at that time is inside the world of an Online Game; METANOIA, fighting this three headed crossbreed between a hydra and a nutcracker (Hirap ba imagine?) Panoorin mo nalang kasi.

Well of course he defeats the monster and gets this special item which is supposed to give him "God Like" powers within the game... which ends up endangering everyone in the planet, not just online but also in Real Life.

There are moments in the film where some might actually think, "wow! another foreign movie that's Pinoy Dubbed?" palibhasa lahat nalang sa TV tinatagalog! Kahit DORA the explorer tagalog na, tapos mag rereklamo kayo ANG HIRAP MAG ENGLISH! Your top 100% free source of learning and familiarizing yourself to ENGLISH, tinagalog pa! But what can we do, in order to earn big, TV Networks have to target "The MASSES / General Public / known locally as ang MASA", and sad to say, hirap mag ingles/english "ang MASA" at hindi sila manonood ng hirap sila intindihin (unless Koreano mga iyan! oo sawa na tayo sa Marimar and the likes, Korea-novelas naman).

Yes, the movie looks good! and those who are not familiar with well known 3D animations might actually think it was made abroad and was just dubbed for Pinoy Viewers.

Just a quick fact, it took "5 years" to make this movie.

If you've experienced Playing Online Games (online games ha! hindi farmville at plants vs zombies! buset!) and loves to watch Pixar and Dreamworks films, this movie is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Also to Parents whose kids are playing computer games round the clock, this movie has a GREAT LESSON in store for your kiddos!

Calling out to those former and still active RAGNAROK ONLINE Players! I'm sure you guys will be able to relate to this movie and appreciate it, actually by this time baka napanood nyo na!

Sound quality is also great! HINDI MONO!!! its in Stereo!!! HALLELUJAH! When a character speaks and goes to the right side of the screen or even off camera, the sound

moves as well from left to right! MARVELOUS! hahaha kaya at possible naman pala eh! Pambihira bakit ngayon lang!!!

The only negative feedback that I can probably give is with the voice acting, they could've acquired better voice actors, but then again, if you're already satisfied with the voice acting of our pinoy dubbed animes, then you won't have any problems. I just got used to watching Animes (in japanese) with english subtitles, that's why I can't help but compare the feeble voice acting quality here against those awesome voice actors in japan.

Support pinoy 3D Animation and watch this movie! We may not be as good as Pixar or Dreamworks but WE DEFINITELY HAVE A CHANCE and WILL SURELY GET THERE! You'll realize this after you see this movie!

For the first time in my life, I'm BUYING AN ORIGINAL DVD! And it will be a DVD of this PINOY MOVIE, "RPG: METANOIA".

Where pinoys broke the barrier between Local and World Class 3D Animation. The very first 100% PINOY made full length 3D ANIMATION Movie, and mind you, it DOESN'T SUCK!!! Definitely WORTH BUYING!

If you have the extra cash, show your support and get the DVD! This will surely be a collector's item as time goes by. ;)

Good Job ABS-CBN STAR CINEMA and AMBIENT MEDIA for producing a QUALITY movie!

Another superb year has passed, onwards to another great year with Better things in life to come! =)

Pictures Copyright by ABS-CBN STAR CINEMA.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

aPad vs FAKE ePad, MID, iRobot (rockchip vs ATI flytouch), don't be fooled.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

SUMMARY: For sure you've already seen those China Tablets (APADs, EPAD, MIDs, iROBOT) selling for only 3,000 to 6,000 pesos, don't be fooled when they say it's on Android 2.2, it's still ANDROID 1.6, here's what to expect from the Fake APAD (FLYTOUCH):

THE GOOD: You can Browse internet / facebook (NO Video, NO FLASH GAMES) / chat / email
THE BAD: Its Slow (CANNOT play AngryBirds and most Android Games), CANNOT play Flash

now that you know what to expect from the device,
learn how to Identify the fake ones (DIRTY Version aka Flytouch) by reading below...

UPDATE as of December 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Guys, sorry I already stopped maintaining this Blog..
maganda na performance nowadays ng IPAD Clones..

I bought an aPad from John's GADGETS, Highly recommended!

See my VIDEO REVIEW below of his aPAD! (original Plants vs Zombies 100% working)

He will reply to all of your inquiries, even inquiries via txt msg! Each and every single TXT MSG ko may REPLY sila! He can also do MEET-UPs "for free"! walang additional fee of 100-200 at kung ano ano pang $#iT para lang mag meet up! :D BEAT THAT!

He also has a STORE in EVER GOTESCO MALL ORTIGAS, so you're free to drop by their store to test their units (test all you wan't, you're not required to buy). For more details you may contact him at

Surely the best aPAD seller out there as of DECEMBER 2011!

Theres also aPAD dealer Kynda_Presenta!
TipidPC = =

they have their own store in CENTRIS MALL EDSA Quezon Ave (near Tapa King)
so if you want to "test" the units before actually buying, you can go to their store.

They are also very accommodating.. but still I suggest you visit their store, its just along EDSA anyway.. their aPads also come with 1 month replacement + 1 year service warranty ;)

Good luck with your aPads! and merry Christmas!


Since its the season of giving, I was planning on getting a gadget for my granny so she could learn about the internet and communicate with our relatives online...

I was planning on getting her a pre owned net book, but instead found out that the iPad clone's price has dropped down to 3,000 pesos.

Oh btw, yeah a "pre-owned" one, all my gadgets from phone to cams are all 2nd hand, been with me for years now and none has died on me yet. Why buy new ones when you can get them for half to a 3rd of its original "Mall price" and of course without sacrificing its quality. You just have to be picky and thorough in checking if the unit is still in tip top shape! ;) I frequent TipidPC/TipidCP and (these are Philippine based sites).
Okay, enough of the delays and on with our Topic, in search of a gadget, I bumped in to the iPad clone, the aPAD (aka iRobot)...

I was surprised that it costs just around 3,000-3,500 pesos nowadays. And for a gadget that can let you go online via Wifi (FB,Youtube,Google,Email... etc) and download tons of Applications/Games that can be acquired via Android Market (yes it runs on Google's Android Operating System), 3,000 pesos is already a very reasonable price! Not to mention its a Tablet with a 7inch touch screen!

Perfect for granny, no more confusing buttons to memorize (she knows how to txt/sms but gets lost when she forgets which button on the phone does which task, so a netbook would probably confuse her more). Touch screens are the best for kids and old folks alike! Agree? lol..

Upon comparing the different sellers online claiming that they are selling legitimate aPADs, and throwing negative comments at each other saying "those are fake 2.2 OS, those cant download apps from Android Market, those are slow, ours are faster, better, latest version, mas pogi ako sayo, lolo mo wrestler, wala ka sa lolo ko, rants, etc" you'd really end up confused, and caught hanging, not knowing who to believe.

So HOW DO I KNOW if an APAD is Real or Fake? (funny really, since aPAD is already a fake/clone gadget to begin with, and they still managed to create a clone of a clone gadget)

Lets start with the Physical attributes...

The Original aPads have Rockchip processors inside them, they have 2 mini USB ports.
While the fake aPads (ePads aka Flytouch) doesn't have any, you will need an adapter
plugged in to the USB interface pictured below (2nd image below).

Fake APADs (Flytouch) also have speakers located at the bottom of the device, while the APAD's speakers are located either on both sides or on its back.

Since APAD has been the top choice of all the iPAD Clones, almost all manufacturers and sellers are now labeling their iPAD Clones as APAD, tricking people in to buying their product.

Here is a collection of pictures showing all the iPAD Clone models to date and see how an
original A-PAD looks like. CLICK HERE to VIEW IMAGES.

You may also check out the video below for a more up-close view of a Real A-Pad.

Now for the Specs comparison...

Fake aPad (E-Pad) runs only at 300 mhz, its only good for Internet, Facebook (but no Video and Flash Games) some even comes with a fake Plants vs Zombies installed to make you believe it's fast!

(FYI: 1st Gen Ipod touch runs a 620mhz processor so you can just imagine how slow these Fake aPad / Flytouch tablets are.)

While the Original aPad runs at 600-800mhz (at par with the latest ipod devices).

The ePAD/Flytouch is slow, but it can run Plants vs Zombies, fake nga lang! haha with only one level (watch video of Fake PvZ)

Here are more sample screenshots of ePADs claiming to be on Android 2.2 ...

What you should check for is the Kernel Version..
The Moment you see that "Dirty" you'll know its a "FAKE" aPAD.
(DIRTY version)

bakit kaya Dirty.... hmm baka pre-installed with YouPorn? lol..
And below is a sample of a "REAL" aPAD, check the Kernel Version (should show ROCKCHIP)
proving that it has a Rockchip processor inside the unit.

More Helpful Notes:
Those APad/EPad devices that claim to be Android version 1.7 or 1.9 are Fake! Check wiki for Android history, OS version 1.7 and 1.9 doesn't exist.

If you're getting an aPad, get AT LEAST the one that is Rockchip RK2808-based. But RK2808 can only use Android 1.6 and RK2818 can accomodate Android OS 2.0 and above.

iRobot (same as the original A-PAD) dapat Rockchip RK2808 sa specs. kung VIA 8505, panget)

VIA chips are sloooowwww!!! (VIA chips = kernel with "Dirty")

Recommended Processors/Chips are Rockchip RK2808, Telechips TCC8902 and OMAP3 3530.

rockchips have android 1.5
telechips have newer os(2.1 & 2.2)


aPAD iROBOT (rockchip)
aPAD X5A (Telechip)

Helpful sites/forums:

Side Comment:
hintay lang tayo ng 1 year pa, hindi na tayo lahat gagamit cellphone.
May isang pamilya na ng gagambang naka tira sa Landline Unit namin.


If you want GAMES for Android and FACEBOOK, sorry DONT BUY those 3k-4k worth aPADs (dirty version), they are NOT FOR YOU!

You will need at least 8,000 Pesos for a TABLET capable of playing FLASH.

If you just need a Tablet that can connect via WIFI and Surf the Internet, without the need for FLASH (ie: Flash games and Videos), this Gadget is a GOOD DEAL!

It can also edit WORD/EXCEL documents, and do Multimedia Entertainment (Play Video Clips with 500x500 pixels below resolution, MP3, Pictures)

Memory is expandable up to 32 GB, via MicroSD. Internal memory 2 GB.

Thanks for munching by!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jollibee's DOUBLE DOWN!

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Presenting JOLLIBEE's take on the DOUBLE DOWN!

Two Thick Chicken Joy Fillets and a 1/3 pound Champ beef patty
with Cheese Lettuce and Tomato!

Okay now that you're all drooling for this mouth watering treat, here's the BIG let down...
the image above is a Hoax, Jollibee has announced in their official Twitter account that
the promotion above is not real and was just made by someone who's good at Photoshop.

Thanks for munching by foodies!

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