Monday, March 15, 2010

Crustasia's Asian Buffet (let it rain Crabs)

Monday, March 15, 2010
Whenever we're in Trinoma, we often see banners/posters of Crustasia's Buffet on our way up to the 4th floor to watch a movie (usually at around 7-8pm). And since the dinner buffet is only up to 9pm, we won't really be able to take "advantage" of the buffet with only 1 hour left before it closes. =)

Luckily Mich and I were on leave last friday and had the time to go on a short date before they leave for Tagaytay early the next day. So here we are, mano-a-mano with Crustasia... Crab, you're going down~

As always, the GIANT menu in front of the resto... (wonder which resto started this)

There you are buffet, yup, I'm here for you, brace yourself... Lunch/Dinner buffet
Priced at 395+ pesos (the "+" there is the +10% service charge, a.k.a. +40 pesos)

oh cool place mat, here crabbie crabbie~

Cool, they serve wine! (not a fan sorry)

Buffet section #1: Dimsum! Liked the Siomai, not sure tho if the steamer's really working,
or if it's just for show, the dimsum we had were not really warm anymore...

Buffet section #2: Vegetarian Haven, yep the no meat area;
Salad, Spring Rolls (lumpia), Pita bread, and Vegetarian Sushi (carrot&mango filling)
Buffet Section #3: Soup and Rice, I dont really get this soup, they didn't put any name
near it so I'll just call it Soapy Soup, cuz it tasted like soap. Sorry but probably there's
an ingredient there which naturally tastes like soap. Would've really helped if they placed
it's name there so at least we would know what's it made of. Don't worry I didn't get dizzy
afterward so it's not really Soap.

Buffet Section #4: Pasta/Noodles and hmm.. mixed seafood something, again
there's no label so I'm free to name it what I want. How about Shellies Galore!
Yeah full of every seafood shell you could think of. For me the only food worth
getting here is the "Thai Pasta"(far Left of picture). It's like the Asia's Pasta
of World Chicken. You can get a few of that if you want...

Buffet Section #5: Mixed Greens (this should have been placed at the veggie section)
and Chicken Something! Well.. let your eyes be the judge, it wasn't really tasty,
to be frank I actually enjoyed Andok's Manok more. Don't waste any tummy space here.

Buffet Section #6: Roasted Angus beef! Yumm, now we're talking, this one's worth
trying, just avoid taking the parts full of Fat. Really oily so don't forget to kiss your heart
and give it thanks for letting you survive this one.

Buffet Section #7: Here comes Mr. Crabs! Get as much Claw Parts as you can :)
you'll have everything you need at the table to crack those big claws open.
Oh and the Fishy Fish above the crabs is also worth trying, tender and tasty ;)

Buffet Section #8: Dessert Area! Fruits (watermelon+pineapple), Pudding (on Spoon),
Thin slices of banana in Lumpia wrapper (Mini Turon), and Yummy Mango Jelly!
Your target here is the Mango Jelly topped with Mango puree, our fave! =)

Okay soldier, so here's what you should have in your arsenal right now...
Half a plate of crabs, the Asian Pasta, Angus beef and Fishy fish.
Meet your two new best friends, Mr Shell Cracker and Meat Picker...
They shall help you in your conquest to obliterate all the crabs on your plate,
and probably (if you're good enough) in the whole restaurant.

Actually if you want to get your money's worth, all that you should be eating
in the restaurant are Crabs...

Crabs... (careful they fight back)

more Crabs... (told you to be careful, use Mr. Shell cracker)

Crab Siomai... more Crabs.....

Cracked open Crabs...

Watermelon... (right now your tongue is already numb of the taste of crabs)

and then back to more Crabs....

Yup, the only thing that's really worth filling your tummy here are CRABS!


now celebrate your victory by hitting the Desserts table! ;)
Crustasia, MallSpace 2087, Trinoma Mall,
North Triangle EDSA, Quezon City, Metro Manila

For the Complete Menu, click the link below:

High Resolution pictures available at the link below:

Thanks for munching by foodies!
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