Monday, August 24, 2009

Munching Cyma (Greek Restaurant) - The OPA! experience

Monday, August 24, 2009
I've been hearing from friends about the great cheesy foods over at Cyma, the resto was also featured in

So.. being a cheese lover, I decided to bring Mich here on our date last Saturday. (we actually frequent Italian restos since we're both cheese addicts.)

We went to Cyma's Trinoma branch located at the mall's 4th level outdoor garden. It's near Jack's Loft and Italiannis. By the way, Cyma, in Greek, means "to flourish".

Having no other hints but Cheese, I actually thought this was just another Italian restaurant (sure glad it was not). Greek cuisine! hmmm now how does Greek food actually differ from those of other countries in Europe? Let's check the Menu.

*click the Picture above to view the Complete Menu
Also take note of the meaning of the tags; Chef's Hat = Chef Recommended, Greece Flag = Original Greece Recipe, Earth Icon = Modernized Recipe, Heart Icon = Healthy/Low Cal.

Starting off with their list of OREKTIKA (appetizers).
One thing special in this place is their especially marked "OPA!" types of food, which they flambeau/light up in front of you, as the waiter (slash cook?) shouts Ohp-PAH! together with all of the waiters inside the resto. OPA! by the way is a greek cheer, similar to saying Hooray!

After seeing one of the tables being served with a flaming plate OPA!-style, we immediately searched the menu for those Flaming dishes. There's actually 3 of them, 2 appetizers (flaming cheese and flaming greek sausages) and 1 dessert (flaming mango). We wanted to try the sausages but they're already out of sausages, guess that's typical for a saturday night date, most of the best sellers are no longer available.

So we ended up trying the Flaming cheese. Served with Greek Garlic Bread (well its garlic bread, no more no less) but the cheese was a different story, it was good and the taste of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) blended well with the flavor of the mozzarella cheese.

Make sure you eat it immediately as the cheese cools down fast and wont stick to the bread anymore when you dip it.

We wanted to try one of their best sellers, the Chicken Gyro (P160), but like the sausages, they're no longer available. So we went and ordered the main course.

Hirine Brizola (P450)

3/4 Inch Grilled Pork Chops with your choice of either Rice-Stuffed Peppers or Greek Roasted Potatoes. We ordered the potatoes since rice stuffed inside peppers didn't appeal to us much.

Me squeezing "Greek" Lemon (lol) over the thick and juicy looking chops..
The Grilled Pork Chops were so far the best that I've tasted, it was so tender I bet even an old gramps who's already without teeth can ground it up by just chewing with his bare gums lol.

But what surprised us was the taste of the Greek Roasted Potatoes! It was flavourful but you can't really describe what was in it or why it tasted that good. Needless to say it was really yummy. As how Mich described it, it was like eating mashed potato that wasn't mashed.

Our next stop is Pasta!
Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti (P450)

Believe it or not, we were already full by the time we finished the porkchops and potatoes. Not to mention that we were very hungry upon going to the resto. So we just had the pasta for take out.

First of all the serving is quite generous, we only ordered for the solo plate but what we got was still good for two. Like 2 servings of Spaghetti at Jollibee.

See the Giant prawns? What I loved about this one is the fresh taste of the Prawns, plus the taste of feta cheese giving the spaghetti an added cheesy salty taste. Other than that, its just like any normal restaurant's spaghetti, similar to those from Italiannis and Cibo. So I would actually recommend the Pork Chops over this one.

Since we were already full, and still had a movie to watch, we didn't try anymore any of the deserts. We wanted to be early so we could see if the trailers in the 3D cinema will be in full 3D or only the main movie. Well we weren't disappointed. But that should go on a different post.

The Place was also nice, not one of the best that we have been to, the walls were plain and I really like it when they have wall decors showing pictures or anything that gives more information or Trivia about the resto's chosen theme.

Blitz's Bite:

The food is expensive indeed but you'll never regret your visit nonetheless.
You won't get the feeling of not getting what your money's worth. The food is great and we'll definitely come back for the Chicken Gyro and Lamb Chops which are a "Must Try" from what we've heard, oh plus the Spinach and Artichoke Fondue! lol ang dami.

Below are more pictures of the menu with some Greek Trivias/Facts.

Houses in Greece... hmmm doesn't look very different from those in Tagaytay..

To view the High Resolution Pictures, click on the following link: Cyma Photo Album

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Alex A.

the flaming cheese looks delish! i'll be sture to try it next time. happy eating!


thanks for droppin by Alex! enjoy the OPA cheese! i wanna try the Tzatziki dip on our next visit!

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