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Bohol Getaway 2009!

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Here's a Glimpse of our trip to Cebu and Bohol!... (just a "FEW" pictures to share from our Trip) yes there are so many tourist spots to visit in Bohol and this is just the half of all the places we've visited...

We really wanted to go to Bohol straight, but since our friends haven't been to Cebu, we decided to take the flight going to Cebu instead and just take a ferry boat to Bohol...

First Stop.. Magellan's Cross!

Quick fact: Magellan's real name is Hernando de Magallanes.

Above the Cross are paintings of the event when the Spaniards introduced
the Catholic Religion to the Locals...

After buying some Danggit and Dried Mangoes off we went to
the Tagbilaran Port to take a ferry boat going to Bohol...

Travel usually takes around 1 hour... good thing theres....
FREE WIFI!!! haha (and yes, the connection's really fast!)

Now that we're in Bohol.. Time to hunt some Tarsiers!!!

Mich found one!! lol...
(I also found one, tried to eat it.. so it ran away..)

And what's going to Bohol without seeing the not so chocolaty...
Chocolate Hills!

Okay time for Lunch.. and the Best way to spend Lunch in Bohol
is at the Loboc River Cruise Buffet!

Ohhh.. nice picture, wonder if the cruise is really this nice at night...

Picture taking after the buffet!...
(food served were Pinoy Food, what did you expect? =P)

What I loved in Bohol is that, there's free WIFI anywhere you go...
Tada! Free WIFI even inside the Restrooms...

Before the day ends, here's one of top MUST VISIT place in Bohol...
The Bohol Bee Farm! not for the Bees of course.. but for the Buffet!

There's a free tour around the farm as well, goes up to the afternoon...
They show you different kinds of herbs and yes the Bees!

Didn't know Honey bees were so tame,
he didn't need to use smoke to keep the bees from where they are...

and after the Tour.. TADA! BUFFET is READY!!!
my favorite = Honey Glazed Chicken and Spare Ribs!

Yay! Red Rice for the Health Conscious!

Special Honey Spread! yummy!

Dessert Anyone? Check out the flavors below...
By the way, the Buffet already includes a few scoops of their special Ice Cream

(wtf.. spicy ginger?! oh Salabat Ice Cream.. pwede)

And why not bring something home from the Farm?
All items on sale are free to taste! =)

Free taste except for the Shirts of course.. duh~

And that's just Day 1!...

There's still the Beautiful Beach of Balicasag and Virgin Island!

Fresh Seafood and Meat are available at the island, you can either have them
barbecued or made to a soup like Sinigang (better option for Groups).

Check out that beautiful Beach! You don't actually need to go to the
nearby Snorkeling areas if you just want to see the different fishies,
there's already a lot of them swimming at the shore!

just bring a pair of Goggles because you'll barely notice the fishes
are there if you'll just look from above the water...

and.. that's all for now! lets head back to Manila =)

Here are some other places that we visited:
Blood Compact Site, Light house, Baclayon Church, Hinagdanan Cave, Giant Python,
Virgin Island (another must visit) and Mag-aso Falls.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Bohol, It was surely all fun and joy! A "Must Visit" place for a Vacation, you're guaranteed to Enjoy this one! ;)

Watch out for the PART 2 of our BOHOL GETAWAY!

Thanks for the visit landlopers!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gaming Statistics 2010!

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Check out 2010's Gaming Statistics!
is your favorite console a chart topper?

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