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Up in the Air Movie Review - You've been let go!

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After Avatar, Zombieland, and a Cloudy Day of raining Cats and meatballs... the movie UP IN THE AIR just perfectly hits the SPOT!

A GREAT STORY that touches your heart without you noticing it. A perfect mix of Comedy, Romance and Drama. George Clooney just keeps getting better and better, nuff said.

The BAD:
Can't really think of any. Well if you're in to Straight in to your face action movies that would survive even without the characters talking, then this movie is NOT FOR YOU.

The whole Guacamole:
Atlast, another movie that PULLS YOU BACK IN TO REALITY and makes you feel good about life and appreciate the things that you have, or for others, make them re-think their goals in life. The movie starts with George Clooney doing his "not so ordinary" Job, posing as "Mr. Death" of the corporate world, coming to fetch people and bring them the good news straight from hell, "You've just been fired" or as they say it in the film, "your position in this company is no longer available" thank you for your N number of years of serving the company, sorry but we no longer need you. Atlast! A movie where most, if not all of us can relate to. lol. Yes believe it or not, such jobs exist, and its as complicated as your minds can imagine. Reminds me of my Call Center days where we couldnt do anything more for the customer but say sorry mam but your Router's already with Saint Peter up above the clouds and we can't replace it with a new one since it's already way past its 2 year warranty.

Yes, firing/laying off people in behalf of their good old Managers/Bosses who are too whimpy to tell the bad news to their employees themselves. Now if that job hasn't tingled your curiosity yet, then wait till you see the other adventures that crosses George Clooney's path as his job brings him flying all around North America, bringing the sad news to different employees around United States. This Movie's the perfect break from all the Great action filled movies with shallow storylines that came out in the past month. Time to do more of the listening and rest your eyes from all those mind blowing effects.

Main Cast:

George Clooney ... Ryan Bingham

Vera Farmiga ... Alex Goran

Anna Kendrick ... Natalie Keener

Jason Bateman ... Craig Gregory

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Run Time: 109 minutes

Director: Jason Reitman

Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance

Plot: With a job that has him traveling around the country firing people, Ryan Bingham leads an empty life out of a suitcase, until his company does the unexpected: ground him.

Awards: Won Golden Globe. Another 33 wins & 50 nominations

*Cast and Additional Details from
By the way...Listen to the Music at the Ending Credits to find out where the got the Movie's title ;)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jackie Chan is the Spy Next Door!

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No it's not SpyKids... it's something WAY BETTER!!! It's Jackie Chan slash CIA Spy, slash Baby Sitter, slash Step Dad Wannabe. Just got home from watching Jackie Chan's newest Action Comedy film, The Spy Next Door, here's the review...

The Good:
It's a Family Movie! You can never go wrong with an Action Comedy film with Jackie Chan! Not a corny SpyKids type of Movie, there's only 1 spy and that's Jackie Chan. Had a ton of laughs from Alina Foley (the Baby Sister of the 3 Siblings). Something to take you away from serious well written movies but will still give you your money's worth in terms of Fun. And as always with all Jackie Chan films, there's always the funny bloopers at the ending credits!

The Bad:
again.. It's a Family Movie! Don't expect a good, deep, unique story. First 10-20 minutes of the film is quite dragging, showing how Jackie Chan does his job as a Spy (he's a Chinese Spy) so don't expect any James Bond type of fight scenes and oh so Hi-tech Gadgets.

The whole Enchilada:
Known for his good comic timing and fast-moving stunts, Asian superstar Jackie Chan stars in a new action-comedy bound to give people countless laughs. This is his return to Hollywood after the groundbreaking Forbidden Kingdom he starred in with fellow Asian biggie Jet Li. This time around, the 'protector' is an inactive spy who suddenly finds himself reluctantly in for another mission challenging his espionage skills and high hopes of becoming stepdad to his girlfriends' kids.

Lions Gate Films found Chan the right act for The Spy Next Door as he sensibly fits the role of Bob Ho, an undercover CIA super spy who chooses to settle down with his next-door girlfriend Gillian (Amber Valletta). He spies no more as he focuses himself to win the hearts of his girlfriend's three children from a previous relationship—a requirement set by the latter before she agrees to marry him. (read more below)

When Gillian got scheduled to leave town, Bob seizes the opportunity to babysit her cleverly smart kids. One of these little mischiefs mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula off his computer files. Then Bob's arch-enemy, a Russian terrorist at that, discovered this and readies for attack.

the spy next door final poster

With that, the 'Spy who loves Gillian' has no choice but to switch on the action button, without setting aside his more challenging role as a babysitter. Chan's knack for comedy since Snake In The Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master has proved he is one of the more bankable stars in the world today. He is one of the very few Asian acts who can do well with properly done Hollywood-ish pictures.

Directed by Brian Levant and to be released locally by Viva International Pictures, The Spy Next Door also stars George Lopez, Lucas Till, and celebrity dad Billy Ray Cyrus. The movie opens nationwide on January 15, 2010 (Friday).

Main Cast:
Cast Source:

Special thanks to SM Megamall Cinema and Viva International for the Movie Invite!
Us bloggers had a great time laughing and seeing what our favorite Jackie Chan do what he does best!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sherlock Puzzling Awesome Holmes!

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Great Cinematography, the way the explanations are presented both before and after each event unfolds. Great acting as always from Robert Downey(as what we've seen in his recent IronMan). Robert Downey didn't actually had a strong Brit/English accent which was good for most audiences who are not used to hearing such accent.

The BAD:
English accents and dialects vary widely across England (setting of Sherlock Holmes), it takes some getting used to for you to understand every word uttered by all characters. "huh? what did he just say" moments are expected (unless you're watching at home with Subtitles).

The Everything Else:
I remember seeing the teaser of Sherlock Holmes back when we watched A Christmas Carol of Jim Carey last November 2009. Immediately after seeing the trailer Mich and I have immediately made up our minds, we are so watching this movie!

Sherlock Holmes movie poster in Greenbelt 1

Although we had different reasons (for her it was... yeah "Robert Downey Jr.") :D haha and as for me, I was always a fan of puzzle solving shows may it be Anime or TV series like CSI, and not being able to read books of Sherlock Holmes, this was absolutely a chance that I couldn't let go.

As a habit of mine, I always drop by to check the rating of the movie that I'm about to watch, and since I also got to watch Zombieland a few days ago, I did a comparison of their ratings...

At the entrance of Cinema 2 (Mich handing over our tickets)

Zombieland had a rating of 8 while Sherlock Holmes got an average score of 7.8
A 0.2 difference, showing Zombieland was slightly better.

Well you can't really directly compare the two movies since they're of different genre (Comedy and Mystery Thriller) but I guess it all boils down to the enjoyment, since Zombieland is a straight movie showing the brighter comic side of a Zombie Outbreak... Sherlock Holmes on the other hand will keep you thinking and puzzled with questions that are left to be answered only at the last 30 minuites or so of the movie.

Our Movie Tickets! SherlockHolmes was already sold out in GBelt3 lol..

For the first time ever, I'm disagreeing with I definitely enjoyed Sherlock Holmes better, but to be fair, it's actually a matter of taste. I have seen so many Zombie Films already which may probably be the reason why I couldn't really consider what I'm seeing as something "new" but don't get me wrong, Zombieland's every bit as entertaining.

As for Sherlock Holmes, yes I'm also fond of Detective shows, and that's actually what makes it entertaining, with Mystery shows, it's never the same. There's always a new Puzzle waiting to be solved, new clues to analyze, new truths waiting to be deduced.

The Movie also had an open ending, which definitely spells out a Part 2 for everyone to look out for!

Make sure you get to watch Both movies (Sherlock Holmes and Zombieland), it's worth every cent!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nexus One: Iphone Killer.. or so they say

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Google enters the Mobile war with its new Phone gaining the title "The IPhone Killer" it seems it's overrated.

But then again, lets dive in to the specs and details currently wandering over the net...

The Nexus One comes with 4GB of storage in the form of a MicroSD card, although this can be expanded up to 32GB.

Physically, the Nexus One is as pleasing as any phone in the market. The HTC-manufactured device (built to Google's specs) is like an iPhone with curvy corners, a 3.7-inch 800 x 400-pixel OLED screen. There are four hard-wired touch controls on the bottom of that frame, including one that instantly brings up a search box. Yeah a button for a search box, well it's a Google Phone! what did you expect? xD

One of Google's core values is that when things run things faster people use them more and like them more. True to its principles, Google has loaded the Nexus One with a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Google wants to make it easier for people to buy phones, and once they buy them, to control their relationships with network carriers. So The Nexus One is already available through Google’s site at for $529 (unlocked version) or from T-Mobile with a 2-year contract for $179. The phone works with "nearly all" GSM SIM cards, says Google.

sorry but it's yet to reach Philippine Shores! :) Anyway, with a steep price of $530, I think many will still prefer the IPhone and wait a little longer for better releases in Google's line of Mobile Phones.

For the complete Specs of the Nexus One you may visit its official Google Website at:
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