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2012 the Mother of all Disaster Movies!

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2012... "You think you've seen end-of-the-world movies? This one ends the world, stomps on it, grinds it up and spits it out. The movie gives you your money's worth" quoted from Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

The End-of-the-world has never looked so Good! Eiffel tower swallowed by an earthquake, the United State's White House sumberged by a tsunami and then crushed by one of their own Aircraft Carriers. A destruction so massive it even changed the earths axis giving it new north and south poles. Hey you'll even see live animals being airlifted via helicopters lol.. (nope animal droppings were not falling from the sky) okay that's enough spoilers, now go pick up yer *** and watch the movie! oh and did I mention the US president having a Lisp speech defect?

You should not expect much from the movie's story aside from it being the End of the world. Everything else just becomes enjoyable because of the effects and how Earth's destruction is visualized in the movie.

This one's worth seeing on the Big Screen! (even if you miss the first hour of the movie) I missed the start of the movie because I got stuck in traffic and it was a friday! so yeah I got caught in one of metro manila's famous living nightmares.

Main Cast:
John Cusack as Jackson Curtis,
Amanda Peet as Kate Curtis,
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Adrian Helmsley,
Thandie Newton as Laura Wilson,
Oliver Platt as Carl Anheuser,
Thomas McCarthy as Gordon Silberman,
Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost,
Danny Glover as President Thomas Wilson

IMDB Rating: 7/10
Runtime: 158 mins (2 hrs 38 mins)

Special thanks to TV5's 5max movies ( and Myk Cruz ( for the Movie Invite!

Water found on the Moon!

Upon starting to browse today for a fix for my corrupted windows installation, my Google Homepage showed a Google Doodle with the Earth's Moon as one of Google's letter O. Quickly, I moused over to the logo to see its description, and to my surprise, humans have reached another milestone in Outerspace Studies, "NASA has discovered that water exists on the moon!" Water being the second main source of life here on our Planet (Earth), this just leaves humans with the task of bringing a decent amount of oxygen to open up a Lunar Base on the Moon. It won't be long now until we see another chapter in Space History. (but will still be like a few more decades or so.) For the complete information, see article below from Yahoo News.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A "significant amount" of frozen water has been found on the moon, the US space agency said Friday heralding a giant leap forward in space exploration and boosting hopes of a permanent lunar base. Preliminary data from a dramatic experiment on the moon "indicates the mission successfully uncovered water in a permanently shadowed lunar crater," NASA said in a statement. "The discovery opens a new chapter in our understanding of the moon," it added, as ecstatic scientists celebrated the landmark discovery. "Yes indeed we found water and we did not find only a little bit but a significant amount," said Anthony Colaprete, project scientist and principal investigator for the 79-million-dollar LCROSS mission. The data was found after NASA sent two spacecraft crashing into the lunar surface last month in a dramatic experiment to probe Earth's nearest neighbor for water. One rocket slammed into the Cabeus crater, near the lunar southern pole, at around
5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers) per hour.

Moon holds key to solar system's secrets. The rocket was followed four minutes later by a spacecraft equipped with cameras to record the impact which sent a huge plume of material billowing up from the bottom of the crater, untouched by sunlight for billions of years. "In the 20 to 30 meter crater we found maybe about a dozen, at least, two-gallon buckets of water. This is an initial result," Colaprete told reporters. "We are ecstatic," he added in a statement.

"Multiple lines of evidence show water was present in both the high angle vapor plume and the ejecta curtain created by the LCROSS Centaur impact. "The concentration and distribution of water and other substances requires further analysis, but it is safe to say Cabeus holds water," Colaprete said. Scientists had previously theorized that, except for the possibility of ice at the bottom of craters, the moon was totally dry. Finding water on Earth's natural satellite is a major breakthrough in space exploration. "It's very exciting, it is painting a new image of the moon," said Gregory Deloy, from the University of California hailing it as "an extraordinary discovery." He theorized that "one of the possible source of water is a comet." "We're unlocking the mysteries of our nearest neighbor and, by extension, the solar system," said Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist at NASA headquarters in Washington.

"The full understanding of the LCROSS data may take some time. The data is that rich," Colaprete cautioned. "Along with the water in Cabeus, there are hints of other intriguing substances. The permanently shadowed regions of the moon are truly cold traps, collecting and preserving material over billions of years." Only 12 men, all Americans, have ever walked on the moon, and the last to set foot there were in 1972, at the end of the Apollo missions. But NASA's ambitious plans to put US astronauts back on the moon by 2020 to establish manned lunar bases for further exploration to Mars under the Constellation project are increasingly in doubt. NASA's budget is currently too small to pay for Constellation's Orion capsule, a more advanced and spacious version of the Apollo lunar module, as well as the Ares I and Ares V launchers needed to put the craft in orbit. A key review panel appointed by President Barack Obama said existing budgets are not large enough to fund a return mission before 2020.

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