Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is your profession? Ga'hoole! Ga'hoole! Ga'hoole!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

okay, you need to watch this movie in 3D! why? because I said so, ok that's me being arrogant.. or maybe I'm just too lazy to explain.. ok you win. Well... you do the math..

#1 its a 3D film, everything is CGI (computer generated)

#2 tons of Flight Scenes (don't tell me you expect the owls to swim or walk all throughout the movie) aerial scenes are where the effects of the 3D glasses usually excels.

#3 the movie was written and shot with 3D in mind (for this one you'd have to google around if the producers had 3D in mind when creating the film and really did use 3D technology in making it.) It's not really hard to search about this one.

in short, the "Effort" was given in order to make this movie worth watching in "3D".

Next question: WHERE TO WATCH THE MOVIE in 3D?

> Greenhills Promenade (in San Juan) = P320 (with cheese popcorn + iced tea)
> Gateway (next to Araneta Coliseum) = P270 (with popcorn and drinks)
> Ayala Malls (Trinoma, Greenbelt, Glorietta etc.) = P300
> SM Malls (SM North, South, East, West, yeah they're everywhere) = P200
> IMAX (SM Mall of Asia / SM North Edsa) = P400-500
> Eastwood Mall (Eastwood Libis) = P300-400 (with unlimited pop-corn I think)

For the Quality...

> Dolby Digital 3D = Ayala Malls/Greenhills/Eastwood (better 3D quality compared to SM)
> Gateway = haven't tried yet, sorry not sure if they're also using Dolby Digital 3D
> SM Malls = there's a reason why its only P200. That should be enough explanation.
> SM IMAX = again there's a reason why it costs P400-500. (IMAX - best 3D quality to date)

okay after all the stuff above, is the movie good? Of course! When did I watch something that's considered not good?! I paid for the movie so no matter how horrible it was, I should convince myself that IT is GOOD! but thank God there's no need to do that. I enjoyed the film!

Story wise, it's your usual kiddie story where this dreamer dude becomes a hero in the end, but what you're after here are the great visual effects. The environment of Lord of the Rings, the Spartan-Like Soldier Owls,
it's like Watching Lord of the Rings and 300 but with Owls instead of real people! ;) now if you dig that kind of idea, then this movie is for you!

art by Alodia Gosiengfiao

and to wrap up everything, here's a Video of Cookie monster being interviewed at a New York radio station...

Thanks for viewing cinephiles!

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