Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife (Bio Hazard 4)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Since we've already watched DESPICABLE ME (A MUST WATCH movie for Comedy Fans, this one makes it to my top movies for 2010) last week, there was nothing else worth watching I guess than my old time favorite Zombie Fest movie Resident Evil.. (glad Mich was game to watch it with me :D)

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife (2010) - It pays to listen to the fans and probably bringing back the original director.

Resident Evil 4 lands on the Top 1 spot in US Box Office Charts this week at $27.7 million, a great move since no other movie was opening last week.

Director Paul W. S. Anderson returns in directing the Resident Evil franchise after leaving it for a few years and letting Resident Evil 2 and 3 go down the drain with some other director who'm I wont be wasting time anymore to search up.

The Good: It was a big mistake in the part 3 to give Alice (Milla Jovovich) some kind of super natural powers that the Protagonists in the games didn't have. And it's a big relief that they made a move to correct this. Probably among all 4 movies, this and the first one are my favorite, and I'm guessing Paul Anderson is one of the reasons.

You get the usual zombies, the regular ones running slow, easy to kill, with new batches of underground diggers which could run and a new boss-like zombie which you can relate to those found in the game.

There's also an additional Protagonist which most game fans would recognize and would enjoy seeing.

Cool effects, plenty of slow motion scenes, who am I kidding, I think 1/4 of the movie was in Slow-mo! lol..

The Bad: If you're not a fan of the previous movies and most of all The Game, then don't you dare watch this movie and say bad things about it because I'm already warning you now that you'll still be disappointed just like how you felt in the previous films.

For some reason, Milla Jovovich gets to maintain her make up and lipstick from the beginning up to the end of the movie. I guess it's a must or probably something she needs to distract zombies and enable her to kill them easier.

Overall: So far the highest rating Resident Evil movie, scoring 7/10 in IMDB.com, I enjoyed this Movie, but dont expect anything new, this one's just enough to give you your zombie killing spree fix (with a ton of Slow Motion scenes). Hopefully the 5th movie will still be directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. I can say the only movie that I really hated was the 4th Movie (Extinction), hated how Alice was given these super natural powers. Bah~


Milla Jovovich ... Alice

Ali Larter ... Claire Redfield

Kim Coates ... Bennett

Shawn Roberts ... Albert Wesker

Sergio Peris-Mencheta ... Angel Ortiz

Spencer Locke ... K-Mart

Boris Kodjoe ... Luther West

Wentworth Miller ... Chris Redfield

Paul Anderson is also producing Castlevania movie based from the Game Castlevania and is scheduled for release in 2011. Seems he likes to make movies based from well known video games. He's also directing The Three Musketeers also for release in 2011 and will star Milla Jovovich. Seems he's also attached to Milla Jovovich. lol

Resident Evil 4 movie, comes out in Japan as Bio Hazard 4, just like how the games are titled. And a Resident Evil game will be released by Capcom for the PSP this year! And no it wont be based on the movie, so that's something to be thankful for.

Thanks for viewing cinephiles!

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