Monday, March 15, 2010

creampuffs to a new level... its Chewy Junior!

Monday, March 15, 2010
Something new and chewy is in town, Creampuff lovers rejoice! A new yummy treat is here to satisfy your sweet cravings. It's Chewy Junior!

Currently they have 14 flavors... (click image to view in full size)

Their best sellers are Chocolate Madness, Blueberry Cream Cheese,
Strawberry Cream Cheese, Cheese Lover and Chewy Ensaymada.

Creampuff crusts fresh out of the oven...

A tray of Strawberry Cheesecake creampuffs!

Free taste of Chocolate Madness!

Now that's a Creampuff, simply oozing with filling

It was sad though since not all of the flavors were available, I wanted to try the Apple Cheese

In you go cream filling~

Co-owner Aya (in dark poloshirt) helping out the crew.

Co-owner Paolo (wearing glasses) and Aya's brother Andro serving the customers themselves.

Box of six, missing 1 Chewy Junior... we were waiting for the Blue Berry :D

Guess what is he putting on those Crispy Crusts.....

Tada! CREAM CHEESE!!! one whole bucket of it haha
Never seen this much cream cheese before in my life. Makes you want to grab a loaf of bread and just dip it inside that bucket of cheese...

Yummy Blueberry Cream Cheese!

Chewy Junior, now open at the 2nd Floor of Trinoma. (click image to view in full size)

Chewy Junior, from Singapore to Indonesia and Malaysia.. and now here in the Philippines!

For more info, you may visit their official website at

More pictures from our food adventure last Friday here:

Thanks for munching by foodies!
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