Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jackie Chan is the Spy Next Door!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
No it's not SpyKids... it's something WAY BETTER!!! It's Jackie Chan slash CIA Spy, slash Baby Sitter, slash Step Dad Wannabe. Just got home from watching Jackie Chan's newest Action Comedy film, The Spy Next Door, here's the review...

The Good:
It's a Family Movie! You can never go wrong with an Action Comedy film with Jackie Chan! Not a corny SpyKids type of Movie, there's only 1 spy and that's Jackie Chan. Had a ton of laughs from Alina Foley (the Baby Sister of the 3 Siblings). Something to take you away from serious well written movies but will still give you your money's worth in terms of Fun. And as always with all Jackie Chan films, there's always the funny bloopers at the ending credits!

The Bad:
again.. It's a Family Movie! Don't expect a good, deep, unique story. First 10-20 minutes of the film is quite dragging, showing how Jackie Chan does his job as a Spy (he's a Chinese Spy) so don't expect any James Bond type of fight scenes and oh so Hi-tech Gadgets.

The whole Enchilada:
Known for his good comic timing and fast-moving stunts, Asian superstar Jackie Chan stars in a new action-comedy bound to give people countless laughs. This is his return to Hollywood after the groundbreaking Forbidden Kingdom he starred in with fellow Asian biggie Jet Li. This time around, the 'protector' is an inactive spy who suddenly finds himself reluctantly in for another mission challenging his espionage skills and high hopes of becoming stepdad to his girlfriends' kids.

Lions Gate Films found Chan the right act for The Spy Next Door as he sensibly fits the role of Bob Ho, an undercover CIA super spy who chooses to settle down with his next-door girlfriend Gillian (Amber Valletta). He spies no more as he focuses himself to win the hearts of his girlfriend's three children from a previous relationship—a requirement set by the latter before she agrees to marry him. (read more below)

When Gillian got scheduled to leave town, Bob seizes the opportunity to babysit her cleverly smart kids. One of these little mischiefs mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula off his computer files. Then Bob's arch-enemy, a Russian terrorist at that, discovered this and readies for attack.

the spy next door final poster

With that, the 'Spy who loves Gillian' has no choice but to switch on the action button, without setting aside his more challenging role as a babysitter. Chan's knack for comedy since Snake In The Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master has proved he is one of the more bankable stars in the world today. He is one of the very few Asian acts who can do well with properly done Hollywood-ish pictures.

Directed by Brian Levant and to be released locally by Viva International Pictures, The Spy Next Door also stars George Lopez, Lucas Till, and celebrity dad Billy Ray Cyrus. The movie opens nationwide on January 15, 2010 (Friday).

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Special thanks to SM Megamall Cinema and Viva International for the Movie Invite!
Us bloggers had a great time laughing and seeing what our favorite Jackie Chan do what he does best!
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