Sunday, December 20, 2009

ALL SYSTEMS GO! for Space Shuttle Max!

Sunday, December 20, 2009
ALL SYSTEMS GO! Space Shuttle Max Guaranteed to Thrill Park Goers this Holiday Season!
Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the country’s first and only world-class theme park, continues to thrill Park goers this holiday season with the launch of its newest ride, the Space Shuttle Max.

Over the past 14 years, the Space Shuttle became an icon for Enchanted Kingdom. Countless guests have gone through its spine-tingling loops and jaw-dropping speed as it created unique and memorable experiences for the guests with every cycle. The number of years of operation, however, had taken its toll on the ride and by the end of last summer, the attraction necessitated a major upgrade so that it can be good as new and even better!

The whole train was replaced with the latest available model, the Vekoma Mark 1212 train and coaches from Holland. The new design will give riders a greater feeling of space, as the body is more open, affording a more exciting experience. It has a more comfortable ergonomic seating position and a state-of-the-art automated harness system.

The new system takes into consideration the size and body mass of the rider resulting in a more comfortable experience. Also, the hydraulically operated harness system is controlled by the ride operator and need not be lowered or lifted manually by the ride attendants. As a safety feature, the ride system will not function if any of the harnesses are not locked.

A smoother ride is expected of the Space Shuttle Max because of the way it is attached to the track with better-controlled movements. Vibration will be at a minimum, with the train and coaches having fewer welds and whose axles are milled from solid high-grade steel billets.

Adding to the smoother rides is an entirely new braking system that is an industry and world’s first. EK’s Space Shuttle Max is the first Boomerang-type roller coaster to be installed with a magnetic braking system, replacing the previous pneumatic one and should result in a more gentle experience of braking, reducing the sudden jerk passengers normally experience.

"We are proud to present the new Space Shuttle Max in time for the holidays. The
highly-awaited ride will be very much welcomed by the huge crowd we are
expecting this season. EK will be filled again with the sound of the ride and
the screams of delight from its riders,"
said Mario O. Mamon, EK’s President and Chairman.

Come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you! From now to January 3, 2010, we are open daily from 10AM to 12MN Fireworks Display at 10PM.
Enchanted Kingdom is located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. For more information you may visit or call 843-6074 to 76 or 830-2111 to 16.

For more details, contact:
Manager – Corporate Communications
G/F The Biltmore Condominium,
102 Aguirre St. Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel. No. (632) 830-2111 to 16
Mobile: (63920) 9028475

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