Monday, October 26, 2009

Tokyo Cafe (Modern Japanese Cuisine)

Monday, October 26, 2009
"Koh-nih-chi-woh" or so the waitress says as she greeted us upon entering the Tokyo Cafe resto at SM North Edsa the BLOCK. I'm not really sure if it was part of the Modern Tokyo feel/theme of the place why she said Konichiwa at a different tone but at least it's better than the usual good afternoon. I wonder if they also say Ohayou during morning and Konbanwa at dinner time lol...

Anyway it was a day after our birthday, and after celebrating our birthdays with our own families last Sunday (September 6) we took our leave from work the following day and celebrated together. =)

We were planning to eat at Bubba Gump at Trinoma but it seems the place has closed down already, so our search for a new resto brought us to The Tokyo Cafe.

So what's on the Menu?! Well there's quite a mouthful, from Burgers to Pasta...


To Pizza and Parfait! They sure know how to define a "Cafe" tokyo style :)


They also have Soups, Salads, Smoogies and Crepes! The place is really worth visiting twice.
We asked for their best sellers and here's what we ended up ordering (most of which are labeled on the menu as "Must Try").

First we ordered the Creamy Ebiko Pasta P255 (Shrimp, Karashi Ebiko aka Fish Eggs in light cream). It was quite good, but was a tad bit bland for our tastebuds, probably because the cream was so light it doesnt really stick with the pasta noodles, shrimp is excellent just like what you'd expect from a japanese resto. The serving is also generous and is already good for Sharing.

Next we had burger steaks, Hamburg and Shrimp for P265, you have to add P30 for the rice though. The burger patties were good, its not that thick as how you'd see it on the menu, but still juicy. What sold me here are the deep fried black tiger prawns (tempura). It was great, juicy, fresh and tender. I also loved the Rice which turned out to be Jasmin, so that's why it was pricey lol.

Off to dessert! We ordered a Strawberry Parfait (P105) and a Japanese Cheesecake (P100), dessert here's quite cheap btw, costing around P90-105 including the crepes.

Life's full of surprises and so is their Parfait! Seeing the picture above, you might say, hey half of it is just cream, but once you get to taste it, you'd really wish half of the whole glass was indeed cream. The cream tasted like sweet icing but it has an ice-cream like texture instead of that of an icing. The ice cream was so delicious too, it has the flavor of natural strawberry, there's totally no taste of any artificial flavoring.

The Japanese cheesecake was very
different from its soft creamy western counterpart. Their Japanese version of cheesecake has a texture is similar to a sponge cake; soft, moist, and sweet but more firm and thick on the inside so it doesnt really get squished when you spoon it.

All in all the fruit parfait is the win! We would probably go back here just to order dessert and have our main course some place else lol. Well we still have many other things on the menu to try. :)

The Tokyo Cafe scores a 3/5: The food's prices are on the middle range but so is the quality of the food. So you basically just get what you pay for.

Estimated Budget:
P250-P300 /person

Tokyo Cafe SM Mall of Asia (02) 556-0517
Tokyo Cafe SM North (The Block) (02) 441-0346

To check out the complete Menu please visit the High Resolution Pictures in multiply album. (Link provided below)

Tokyo Cafe Album:

Happy Dining! Itadakimasu! ;)
~ Blitz
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