Tuesday, October 20, 2009

E.K. OK! - Enchanted Kingdom Otaku Kingdom!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Last sunday, October 18, 2009 we were invited to cover the Otaku Kingdom 2009 event at Enchanted Kingdom. Cosplayers were admitted to the Theme Park for free and so were some few bloggers! =)

The Enchanted Kingdom Office at Makati, near Greenbelt 2.

Us bloggers were picked up by a Van and left the EK Office at around 1:30pm.

Just after around 30mins or so, we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom, we were guided to the Guest Relations office to register and were given our Ride all you can Tags and Press Kits.

We were also given some Wizard Money! Horay! ^0^

Cosplayers were everywhere, enjoying the park rides and are always glad to pose for Photographers and Anime enthusiasts.

Group of cosplayers (left) and Eldar&Princess (right)

The weather was a bit crazy, with the alternating sun and rain every few mins or so. Nonetheless the Rides were still filled with people lining up all day.

Wheel of Fate and Space Shuttle (sadly it was closed for renovation).

After reaching the food court where live otaku bands were performing, I saw a familiar character from my line of favorite PSP games.. its Prinny! from Disgaea, a Slave Penguin from the Underworld lol...

And here he was, doing something naughty... well should you expect less from a creature of the underworld? lol

Asking Mr. Astronaut how to go to my favorite area in the Park "Brooklyn Place".

And here I was, in Brooklyn Place, where the Rialto ride is located. It's a ride where in you enter a movie-house like room, where seats move on all 4 directions (forward,backward,left,right), depending on how the characters in the movie are moving.

As always, the line was so long it will take you half an hour to be able to get inside the ride.

The video was quite disappointing though (Speed Racer), in my previous trips to EK, I really enjoyed this ride because the films that they were showing were in 1st Person view, making you really believe that you are the one in the movie, (ie: Piloting a spaceship etc.) but this time, what they had was just a race scene from the Speed Racer movie, it was like watching a Movie with your seats moving for no particular reason... (probably to keep you awake).

I really do hope they get a new Movie for this ride, or if not, just bring back the previous Movies that they offered in First Person View.

The Souvenir shop at Brooklyn Place (left) Flying Fiesta Ride (right)

Fountain in Front of the Theme Part where the Grand Carousel is.

After finishing our rounds at the park, we went to check whats available at the souvenir shops and then had a late lunch at the indoor canteen (Amazon Grill), I had Fried Chicken, Spag and mixed Veggies. Food here ranges from P70 to P140, they also have burritos!

Terminator&Robocop kids (left), Gundam Kyrios from Gundam00 (right)

Going back to the Space Shuttle area, the cosplayers were now asked to line up for the Group Photoshoot.

After the Cosplay awardings in the evening, we still had a few hours before the Van going back to Ayala would pick us up, so we continued wandering around the Theme Park, We went back to one of the souvenir shops to buy some stuffs.

Rialto Entrance at night

Our visit was just in time for the 4th day of the Sky Wizard Competition, where local Pyrotechnic Manufacturers vie for the title of EK Sky Wizard champion. (which where EK would probably order their fireworks from lol) Sad tho because they didn't mention the names of the Manufacturers. There were a total of 4 awesome fireworks display that night lasting for about 5 minutes each.

A surprising decent fireworks shot that I managed to take with my 7mp Olympus 790SW Cam. I wasn't really expecting I'd be able to take a fireworks picture with it that looks this nice.

Tada! And here are the stuffs that I got with the help of our free Wizard Money =)
A Wizard Pillow (P365) for my girlfriend Mich, and a Brooklyn Place shirt for me! (P300).

Many thanks to Gelo and Myla Cammayo, Head of Corporate Communications of Enchanted Kingdom for having us visit the theme park and cover the event. And also to Azrael for having us fellow bloggers join the event!

More Cosplayer Photos at my Multiply Album: http://johnblitz.multiply.com
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