Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wii joins the bandwagon! Price drops to $199!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
After Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBOX cutting down retail prices with PS3 Slim and XBOX Elite, Nintendo Wii joins the club by dropping its Retail Price to $199! That's roughly Php10,000! Wow now its priced the same as the PSP (i still love my PSP more though) haha...

Having to go to work everyday makes me have less interest with gaming consoles, but then again... this is still good news for everyone, better gaming experience at a cheaper price!

Looks like it's going to be a very MERRY CHRISTMAS for all you gamers out there!

below is the article from;
Last week, we got a peek at an alleged upcoming Walmart ad that indicated an official price drop would be coming to the Wii. Today, it appears that retailer Toys R Us may have heard the same thing.

While the Walmart listing we saw didn't put a price tag on the Wii—currently still at its launch price of $249 USD—the Toys R Us version does, pegging the new MSRP at $199. And that's with Wii Sports included, not a stripped down package. The ad is purportedly from the end of September, due to hit the week of the 27th according to the tipster that forwarded a shot our way.

That's a week earlier than we were expecting based on the Walmart tip we received, but still not official in any capacity.

If accurate, that would mean a price drop announcement from Nintendo sometime within the next two weeks, possibly during the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo won't be exhibiting officially at the yearly game show, but will be present at the Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009.

We contacted Nintendo to get clarification, but were told "Nintendo does not comment on rumors and speculation." And they don't comment on blurry shots of Toys R Us circulars either!


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Test Post

tester dude

Hey! a Major Wee for Wii!


for a 5k difference, id stay with PS3 or Xbox elite! Wii just duznt have the graphics to keep me interested..

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