Friday, September 18, 2009

UP 3D @ Trinoma Mall: Away we go to 3D Land

Friday, September 18, 2009
Tada! Tickets! 1 Month old Tickets for UP 3D at Trinoma Cinema 4. Yep! haha it took me a month to have time to finally have this posted. Actually we watched this movie on the same day that we had dinner at Cyma (August 22, 2009).

Anyway, so its our first time to try and watch a Digital 3D Movie at Trinoma, sad since we weren't able to watch Ice Age 3 here. They say the 3D version of it was also great.

So how much does it cost nowadays to watch a Digital 3D Movie inside a Cinema? It actually depends on which Mall you're going to watch. I-MAX of SM Malls will cost you around 500 pesos/head. Guess that's the price you pay for the super big screen of the Cinema. In non-IMax cinemas in SM however, they say it'll cost you 400 pesos. But what I don't really like about SM Cinemas is how their seats are laid out. The person in front of you can easily block your view, even if they're just 4-5 feet tall.

So far the best deal out there, believe it or not, are in Ayala Malls. Their Cinemas are great, regular movie tickets doesn't really have that much difference in price compared to SM, maybe around 10-20 pesos at most? But hey, their seats are a lot more comfy and are well positioned that you'll never ever experience having a person in front of you block your view (not unless its Yao Ming).

And the best part of all... Tickets for 3D Movies are 100 pesos cheaper than that of SM! Plus they have an Online Ticket Reservation website! ( Of course there's an additional fee of 20 pesos (10 pesos if you have their movie prepaid card aka M-Pass), but hey, what's 20 pesos compared to falling in a long line only to run out of good seats, or worse, run out of tickets and actually missing the movie. =P

They have cool 3D Glasses as well, its made of plastic and is well maintained. Unlike those in SM which you can notice that it's been used hundreds of times already and looks pretty much like cardboard.

Here's a side view picture of the Glasses after watching UP. You could still see the credits rolling at the background hehe.

So how was the movie? It was great! I can say I enjoyed the story of ICE AGE 3 more, but UP was not bad at all. There's a pinch of Drama at the beginning, but it was not really the kind that you'd hate, it just tells a brief history about one of the lead characters. There were plenty of 3D Scenes which would really make you enjoy having it watched on 3D. You'll really get hooked, it's like having your mind play a trick on you, the video looks so realistic, the characters, the environment, you'd even want to try and touch it because it feels like they're actually right in front of you.

Movies have gone a long way, and to think it only started in Black and White accompanied by plain background music for the audio.

I can't wait for the next 3D film to come out. G-Force will probably be the next but I'm not really in to watching Guinea Pigs in 3D. Oh I almost forgot, the Trailers were also in 3D in case you were wondering. So you'll really get a 3D Preview as well of movies to come.

I'm looking forward to watching Disney's upcoming animated movie, A Christmas Carol featuring the voice of Jim Carey. The trailer was awesome, I actually got to experience seeing snow flakes fall right in front of me haha. There's also Astro Boy coming this October, but there's no news about it getting released in 3D. And lastly Toy Story 3, but it wont be out until next year. Oh well... Patience patience! Thanks for reading, till the next movie! Ciao!

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