Thursday, September 24, 2009

Red Mango, green goodness!

Thursday, September 24, 2009
The Frozen Yogurt Fever is here! And yes, no matter how cold and rainy the weather may become, no weather is too cold for a cup of healthy yummy frozen yogurt! Why the sudden craze? Well why not? For one thing it has less fat compared to ice cream or your usual Starbucks frappe, and if you'd read through yogurt articles over the net, you'd know why people are going crazy for this so called healthier alternative for dessert.

Anyway first up in my fro-yo (frozen yogurt) experience, is Red Mango from Korea!

After the bowling tournament with our office mates last August 28, 2009 at SM Megamall, we had a late lunch at El Polo Loco and then watched District 9, good movie by the way haha, sad though because the people that I was with didn't like it.

We ended the day with a cup of Frozen Yogurt at Red Mango. They gave us these mini red cups to sample both the Original and Green Tea flavors. Mich and I both loved the Green Tea so we ordered two Medium cups (p120) of that. As for the toppings, she got Mochi bits and Caramel, while mine had Mochi and Blueberries. The toppings by the way costs p20 for 1 topping, p30 for 2 toppings and p40 for 3 toppings. Make it a point to try their Mochi toppings since red mango's the only Frozen Yogurt at the moment which has this kind of toppping. Others usually just have a variety fruits and cereals.

Comparing the Original with the Green Tea, the original tasted a lot tangy or sour. The Green Tea flavor on the other hand kinda gave the tangy taste more of a contrast, the Green Tea taste was just enough to tone down the tangy/sour taste a bit which those who are not used to eating yogurt may not like. As for the toppings, the Mochi were great! I wish I didn't have blueberries and just had two servings of Mochi bits. Mochi by the way is the Japanese version of one of our Rice Cakes here in the Philippines. It's very similar to our Espasol.

Overall, it was a great dessert, unlike ice cream, Red Mango's frozen yogurt's texture was very smooth and creamy, next time we visit we'll make sure to order a Large one haha.

They also have waffles and hot coffee/tea drinks as well which we are also yet to try. For the yogurt prices, its p80 for a Small Cup (4 oz.), p115 for a Medium Cup (6 oz.), and p150 for a Large one (8 oz.), add 5 pesos for the green tea variant. You may also check the pricing chart picture above. Again for the toppings, its p20-p40, from 1-3 varieties respectively. Red Mango has branches at the following malls; Trinoma, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia. Till next time, happy Yogurt Hunting!
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